Business Days


Golf & Business, a perfect combination

A business day is a recreational activity enterprise whose main purpose is to promote cooperation between the team through an introduction to golf as a philosophy of work and a meeting space where you can outline the objectives of the company.

It is designed and intended for those companies that are committed to working fundamentals to strengthen cohesion, motivation and performance of your business, all in a more than adequate for good communication and collective welfare.

It starts with a master class taught by golf professionals at the rate of a golf pro for each ten persons recommended amount for good learning, which would be taught the basics of swing, stance, hand placement, etc. . During this time they would go along practicing different areas of conducting driving tests and throwing balls, practicing the approach shot and putt, you could even go the route of Pitch & Putt and do one or two holes to live the first experiences on the pitch. Once the class is completed courses, have a private room to meet.

Contact us and we will adapt the activity to suit your needs: