Child School



A great personal growth mechanism , athletic, social , values and above all, fun

Child Golf School claims to be the birthplace and projection of all those small and small who want to learn the sport by fully immersing into a golf, like Golf Holidays Direct has been doing it for years for their customers.

The features of the course are:. We firmly ens the multiple benefits of the course for personal growth , and it is for this reason that our team works every day for the sport and want to do partípe in your life, whether for fun , and to relate to others.

  • The course combines theoretical and practical classes with trips path Pitch & Putt.
  • The material is all inclusive, there is a requirement that students bring their own clubs , cart and walked.
  • The first day of course we open doors to the presentation of the course , so that whoever child want to try is invited to do so for free.
  • During the course, students have free access to the driving range and pitch & putt course.
  • For student escorts offer the opportunity to use the driving range totalmene free manner during the class schedule.
  • To lay the course, the last day of class a final championship is organized with snack between all students.
  • As a novelty we have the TPI ( Titleist Performance Institute) system as part of the program for exercise and games that serve to better understand and develop the skills and enhance golfístiques powers . For this purpose we have the qualified staff to conduct such activities in a fun way for everyone to have fun learning to play golf.
  • We have created children’s teams representing the Valles Golf in official competitions.
  • The entire Club facilities are available to the school to work on different aspects of the game : driving , approach zones , pitch and putt golf course.
  • Restaurant service has been made available to all service children’s menu.
  • The courses are made quarterly on Saturdays or Sundays form also as a novelty add the ability to choose a weekday class 1.5 h.
  • Children ages 5-6 years to 18 years.
  • The cheapest infant school are 195 € the quarter (to choose between Saturday or Sunday 2 hours of class)
  • Weekdays with 1.5 h of class, price to be determined by number of entries.
  • HOURS 
  • Saturdays and / or and Sundays from 10:00 to 12:00 h and from 12:00 to 14:00 – Saturday afternoon outings Pitch & Putt and / or Golf.
  • Weekdays will be 1.5 hours of class, to be specified hours and days.
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