Courses for Beginners


Share your first golf experience and grow socially

This learning option is for all beginners who want to make their first steps in the field and want to share their experience with friends or want to meet other people in the same situation and form a lasting good group.

These courses have the following characteristics:

  • 10 hours (5 sessions of 2 hours)
  • Formation of swing
  • Basic knowledge of golf (grip, stance, back-swing, down-swing, finish …) •
  • Introduction to short game (putting, bunker, approach …)
  • Classes of rules and regulations
  • Practices in the Pitch & Putt course

Courses for Beginners Prices


Weekend and holidays

Group of 3 (per person)

195 €

216 €

Group of 4 (per person)

185 €

206 €

Group of 5 (per person)

175 €

195 €